How I Spent my Summer Vacation

I decided to go back to my parents’ house for my vacation. And when I say ‘house’ i really mean ‘compound.’

They live in a house compound (big house, pool house, pool, barn) that I never had the chance to enjoy, having moved the same month I went away to college. They live about forty minutes from where I grew up — which locates them about fifteen minutes from a one stoplight town and fifteen minutes to the closest gas station. The. Sticks. Let me repeat — these people say things like “I’m going in to town, does anyone need anything?” They inevitably return hours later with supplies for the week.

Anyway, I figured I’d share photos from my Summer Break.









2 responses to “How I Spent my Summer Vacation

  1. It’s ADORABLE that you would call this “the sticks.”

    The things I could teach you, Jonsie. You’d never be the same.

  2. your hetero life partner

    I want to go RIGHT NOW.

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