Whatever Martha

I’m back at the parents with nothing to do, and it’s raining outside so I can’t go sit by the pool. So, what’s there on television? A Whatever, Martha! marathon on the parents’ DVR.

If you haven’t seen this show, it’s Martha Stewart’s daughter Alexis (left) and her friend watching old clips of Martha Stewart Living and mocking everything Martha says and does. In short, some of the best programming on television.

They’re fond of talking about summering in East Hampton and camping in Massachusettes and all of those blue-blood, old money activities we potato-shaped midwesterners will never understand. Lucky for them, they’ve mastered, nay perfected, east-coast smart-mouth.

An excerpt from this episode, where Martha makes her own Potpourri and the girls talk about how the smell makes them want to vomit:

“When I think of cloves, I think of clove cigarettes, y’know, when we were kids.”

“When I think of cloves, I think of Martha sitting me down when I was a child and forcing me to poke cloves into oranges until my fingers bled.”


“Apparently they’re a nice Christmas presents.”

I could not be more entertained.


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