Freelancing inc., or am I supposed to be here?

Back in the saddle, or, at least kind of.

I came in to the old office to go grab lunch with The Teet… now I’m just waiting around and it’s feeling weird.

First of all, my old cubicle stands barebones, empty. I tried logging onto my old computer, but it would only stay on for thirty seconds at a time. And I had to use the INTERN login pass sequence. Now I’m just waiting around for one of the photogs to find me a video camera so I can complete this weekend’s assignment. Oh, the life of a freelancer.

At least I don’t have to come in all ‘business casual’ anymore.

I’m wearing yesterdays clothes in point of fact.

So take that, corporate America! You’re a bunch of suckers.

In related news, I’m covering Comfest for the paper this weekend — so I’ll basically be there from morning ’til night every day. It’s kind of nice to get all of your Columbus honchos together in one place. Like high school, but this time around everyone’s drinking heavily so it’s way easier to stomach.

So look me up. I’ll be the guy juggling a cellphone, pen&paper, video camera and full cup of beer.

One response to “Freelancing inc., or am I supposed to be here?

  1. I prefer to call it a pubeicle.

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