Turn around, or oh Bonnie!

I always thought this song was way too over-the-top for it’s own good — but I always loved it, still.

I watched the video for the first time tonight, and Jesus H. Christ.

Let’s break this down. In the video, Bonnie Tyler is (presumably) the headmaster of a gay demon dance academy with a swim team, ninja-squad, devil show choir, rowdy toastmaster’s association, gymnastics club and fencing team. Oh, and somewhere along the way shows up a loosely supervised group of young men suffering from what looks like epilepsy.

If any of this makes sense, please, please let me know.

Regardless, even this many years later, the bitch still has it!


One response to “Turn around, or oh Bonnie!

  1. I really wish I knew how to superimpose a head on other peoples’ bodies with video…

    cause I want a remake with you as Bonnie T.

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