Rent, or broadway is still embarrassing

I have this really bad habit of youtubing high school renditions of Rent. You know, the broadway musical from the nineties? Yeah, that one.

Besides turning the musical into something vaguely resembling the original (no drug references? Removal of the homo parts? No sex?) they’re really fun to watch. Mostly cause they’re beyond precious, and it takes a musical director with HUGE balls to even something like this in a highschool.

I took the liberty of compiling the best of the best.

I like the stomping at the end. Oh, and the boy’s voice that cracks–cause, you know, he’s going through the change.

The Mimi here might be a ringer. She looks much too old to be in highschool.

These girls get it like it’s their job.


One response to “Rent, or broadway is still embarrassing

  1. Precious, indeed.

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