Fumigation Breakdown, or the Lysol song

SO my apartment got fumigated today. I’m feeling deflated, considering I had to pack everything I own into plastic garbage bags and tape them closed. Then have strange men enter my home, spraying toxic chemicals on everything. Oh, and it stiiiinks.

Now I have to steer clear of the premises for the day and keep all of my belongings packed away in garbage bags for… guess what? Ten whole days. TEN DAYS? Jesus. I feel like I had to move out of my apartment and then back into it again in the same day.

And I can’t unpack? For TEN DAYS?

This can’t be good for my already fragile psyche.


One response to “Fumigation Breakdown, or the Lysol song

  1. B – one day I’ll tell you about the time my pinkie toe swelled up, got itchy and the doctor told me it was Herpes (you heard me right, Herpes on my TOE). After welts showed up all over my body in the following weeks, it turned out I was just highly allergic to Flea bites. Wait, I just told you the story anyway. Fumigation suxxxxxxxxx.

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